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Teal Green Solar Quartz Earrings Gold Filled Ear Wires

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These earrings are a smaller version of my new natural solar quartz and geode earrings. They have been electroplated in 24 k gold and are approx.18 mm in size. Approximately 1" in length including the 14 k gold filled balled ear wires. Rubber ear nuts will be included for added security. Please see pic. #3 for size comparison to a US dime.
Solar Quartz is known as a natural agatized quartz that is sliced from stalactites. As with all quartz, it is said to be an energy enhancer, connecting to spirit and harmony. Solar Quartz is said to bring emotional strength and uplifting with great power and energy. These are beautiful stones with natural orbicular patterns and lovely organic patterns. A lot of people believe that Solar Quartz is the link between the physical body and the dimensions of your mind.

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