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Wanderlust Bracelet Hand Stamped Aluminum Cuff

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A perfect gift for one who feels the need to travel, the one with a gypsy soul. This aluminum cuff is 5/8" in width, and is gently adjustable to a wrist size of approx. 7 1/2 ". It has been hand brushed to a matte finish. A sparkly 8mm crystal dangles from the left lower side.This aluminum bracelet is lightweight, has a low possibility of allergic reactions if you are metal sensitive, and will not tarnish or rust.

Please note that each and every piece is done by hand ♥

Each letter or name may have slight variations such as depth, alignment, and spacing. These should not be looked at as flaws, but as characteristics that contribute to the handmade uniqueness of all pieces. 

Always remove your jewelry before bed, and make it the last thing you put on in the morning. Perfume, sprays, sunscreen, or any type of oils should not be used after your jewelry has been put on.

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